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31.5. 2008 11:10 - 13:00
24.5. 2008 11:05 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
LIVIN BLUES     Bamboozle 1971    Black night
MOBY GRAPE   same 1967   Grandma
PANAMA LIMITED    Indian summer 1969    Moonshine
FIFTH FLIGHT   Into smoke tree village 1968    Sugar mountain
AYERS ROCK     Big red rock 1974    Boogie woogie waltz
ZIOR   same 1971   Entrance of the devil
COMPLEX   same 1970   self declaration
FREE   Songs of yesterday     Alternative takes  Guy Stevens blues
VARIATIONS     Nador 1969   Come along
HUMBLE PIE   Rockin at the Fillmore 1971   Rolling stone
ROYALS with ALBERT JARVINEN  Live 1978    Rock me

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
VINDICATION    same 1973     Master law
HOLY MOSES     same 1971   Bazaraza bound

17.5. 2008 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
HOOKFOOT    Communication 1972     Here I come
PIRANA       same 1971    Elation
BRAM STOKER    Heavy rock spectacular 1972    Extensive corrosion
MAD RIVER     Paradise bar and grill 1969   Leave me-stay
WARHORSE      same 1970    Woman of the devil
JESSE HARPER    Guitar absolution in the shade of a midnight sun 1969    Midnight sun
POINT BLANC    Second season 1977   Back in the alley
FRIENDS     same 1973     5-8tune
GERONIMO BLACK     same 1972   Low ridin man
ZZEBRA   Panic 1974   Panic
ALAN JACK CIVILAZATION      Bluesy mind 1969   I have got to find somebody
RAVEN     same 1969    Feelin good

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
HALLELUJAH     Hallelujah babe 1971    Hallelujah signs of strange
AUBREY SMALL    same 1971     Loser
nepraviídelna rubrika Bluesove okenko
POPA CHUBBY   Ten years with  2005    I cant quit you baby

10.5. 2008 11:05 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
KIN PING MEH   Concrete 1976   High time whiskey flier
BLUE BELLWOOD   Big sleep 1972  Free life
GREEN     same 1969     Green garden
OPEN MIND   same 1969    Free as the breeze
TARANTULA    same 1968     Poison dance
CLIMAX CHICAGO BLUES BAND   A lot of bottle 1970   Seventh son
FOOD BRAIN      same 1971   That will do
LYNYRD SKYNYRD    KBHF Show Live in Cardiff 1975   Simple man
FANTASY   Paint a picture 1973   Politely insane
ILMO  SMOKEHOUSE    same 1971   Movement1and13
CACTUS    Radio broadcast Live 1970    No need to worry
SHAKEY WICK   Live at Mothers 1967    Death valley blues

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
ALAN JACK CIVILAZATION    Bluesy mind 1969   Middle earth

3.5. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
BANCHEE    Thinking 1971      -38-
SKYDOG      Just want to make you happy 1974       Ali sahd
MADE IN SWEDEN    Live at the Golden Circle 1970    Three blind mice
VOX DEI    Para vox dei 1974      Quiero narte de vis dias
Mr.FLOODS PARTY    same 1969      Prince of darkness
BENT WIND  Sussex 1969    Riverside
YESTREDAYS CHILDREN     same 1969    Shes easy
RAINBOW BAND    same 1970   Living on the hill
FRONT PAGE NEWS     Mystic soldiers 1968    Prism fawn
N.S.U.     Turn on or turn me down 1969     Stoned

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
CATFISH    Get down  1969       Get high get naked get down
TERENCE    An eye for an ear  1969        Fool amid the traffic
SALVATION    Gypsy carnival caravan 1968   Salvation jam        

26.4. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 Tématická poslední sobota v měsíci Maďarská hudební scéna 60-70.léta
pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
ILLES   Add a kezed 1972     Nehez varni
METRO    same 1969     Hazardjatek   (Stařinka)
OMEGA     Red star 1968      Wake up
RADICS BELA    A kapitany 70-71     Napfenyes  napok
KEX     same 69-71       Elszallt  egy hajo  a szelden   (Stařinka)
NONSTOP    Antologie 69-72      Vad  viharban elek
NEOTON    Bolond varos 1970     A haz
HUNGARIA     same 1971     Harom szeplany ejszakala  (Stařinka)
MINI       single 1972       Gozhajo
SYRIUS      Most mult lesz Australia 1971 Budapest 1970  I am a man
BERGENDY     same 1971     Bucsuzom toletek   cimborak
TAURUS      single 1972     Zold csillag
LOCOMOTIV GT    London 1973     Shes just 14
SKORPIO      A rohanas  1974    Keresem,keresem
FONOGRAF     FG4    1976     Es jottek ok - Csillagfelho
PIRAMIS      Piramis1.   1977     A fenylo   piramisok   arnyekaban
19.4. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
HEAVY CRUISER      same 1972     Dont stop now
BLACKWATER PARK      Dirt box 1971      Rock song
WIGWAM     Fresh garbage 69-77 Rarities     Must be the devil
TABACO     Desintegration 1971    Freedom blues
CHRISTMAS     Heritage 1970     April mountain
PARZIVAL     Legend 1971    Marshy legend
KROKODIL    Swamp 1970   Sunlights beatiful daughter
RICK SAUCEDO    Heaven was blue 1978   Heaven was blue
GOLDEN EARRINGS    Winter harvest 1967   In my house
THUNDERMOTHER     same 1970  Boogie music
HOOK    Will grab you 1970   Homes´

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MR. FLOODS PARTY   same 1969    Northen travel
JUNCO PARTNERS      same 1970    Am I blue
BRAM STOKER        Heavy rock spectacular 1972      Fingals cave

nepravidelná rubrika Bluesové okénko
JEFF HEALEY    Mess of blues 2008    I am torn down
JON BUTCHER    Positively the blues1998   Two penny nail

12.4. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
PEACEPIPE   same 1969    The day war has ended
NEGATIVE SPACE     same 1970   The calm after the storm
MENDELBAUM      Fillmore west 1969   Every day and every night
RAINBOW     Arter the storm 1968    Ballad of captain Bob and good ship Venus
SPIRIT     Live at Ebbets field 1974     All along the watchtower
MADE IN SWEDEN     With love 1968   Little charlie
BODY    Body album 79¨-81   Icopath
A.B.SKHY    same 1969    Love may cure that
JAMES  GANG    Thirds  1974      Walk away
CREATION ROCK    Gorilla 1972   Wunderbar
GINHOUSE    same 1971   House

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
BLACKWATER PARK    Dirt box 1971   Indian summer
ICECROSS      same 1972     Jesus freaks
FREEBORNE     Peak impressins 1967    But i must return to Frenzy

5.4. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD   Born to run
PINK FAIRIES   Out of the pink into the blues 1974    Ramblin
AL KOOPER and SHUGGIE OTIS   Kooper sessions 1969   Slow goonbash blues
LITTER   100Dollar fine 1968   Blues one
TAMAN SHUD  Live in concert 1972    Sittin, in the sun
EVOLUTION   same 1970   DrVasquez
HAIRY CHAPTER     Cant get through 1971      cant get through
GOLDENROD   same 1969   Gator society
JJLIGHT      Heya 1969     Heya
DELIRIUM     Lo scemo e il villaggio 1972   La mia pazzia
ZIPPS     Be stoned 1969   Highway gambler
CHARLIES    Buttocks 1970    Madness and other kind of influences
ORAN-UTAN    same 1971    Fly me high
pravidelna rubrika Starinky
FIELDS      same 1969     Love is the word
BOW STREET RUNNERS     same 1970    Electric star
VELVET NIGHT     same 1970      Velvet night
BODY    Body album 1981   Cheater

Bluesové okénko
ALBERT COLLINS    Molten ice 1973     Cant you see what you are doing to me

29.3. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND     Wasa wasa 1969     Freakout
FOX     For fox sake  1970    Second hand love
OUTLAWS     Hurry sundown 1977   Gunsmoke
JIMI HENDRIX    Blue window 1969    Izabella session
BERGENDY   same 1971    Messe van meg a vegallomas
SIMON STOKES and THE NIGHTHAWKS   same 1970    Big city blues
NITROFUNCTION and BILLY COX    same 1972    Portrait
GREEN   same 1969      Green
MIKE BLOOMFIELD and AL KOOPER    Bottom line 1974   Sweet little angel
DILLINGER   same 1974   Return
HARSH REALITY    Heaven and hell 1969    When I move
PALADIN     Jazzattack 1970    Third world part II.
FREE   Tons of sobs 1968   Guy Stevens blues
COUNT FIVE    Psychotic reaction 1966   Psychotic reaction

bluesové okénko 
SAM LAY    Somebody gotta do it 1978    Somebody gotta do it

nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
MARBUEL    Musica diabolica 2008    In the kingdom of satan
MICHAEL KATON   Rip it hard 1994    Barbeque on my boogie
pravidelna rubrika Starinky
BUSTER BROWN    Something to say 1973    Something to say
ANDROMEDA    same 1970   Andromeda

22.3. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 podtitul dnešního pořadu je "polské skupiny a interpreti málo známí"
pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run

ROY  BUCHANAN   Live stock 1975    Roys blues
CANNED HEAT  Hallelujah 1968   Down in the gutter but free
UGLY  DUCKLINGS    Somewhere outside 1967    I wish you would
TEST     same 1974     Wybij sobie z glowy
BREAKOUT      Blues 1971    Co stalo se kwiatom
IREK DUDEK      No.1    1985      blues
HOOK     Will grab you 1968    Homes
DIAS DE BLUES    same 1972     Amasijando los blues
MICHAL  URBANIAK    Take good care of my heart 1984    Power of love
JOE PRICHARD and GIBLARTAR    same 1974     Reason to be   
THIN LIZZY   Fighting  1975  Ballad of a hard man
KLAN      Mrowisko 1970      Gozie jest czlowiek
KRZYSZTOF    SCIERANSKI      Flying over 1998      August
BUTTERFIELD  BLUES BAND    East west 1966   Work song
FLOATING BRIDGE    same 1969    Gonna lay down and die
KAHVAS JUTE     Live 71-05  Blues just got sadder
LABORATORIUM      Modern pentathlon  1975      Grzymaszka

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
SIMON STOKES and NIGHTHAWKS   same 1970   Ride on an angel
NUTZ   same 1974   As far as the eye can see
TERRY BROOKS and STARNGE  Translucent world 1973    Ruler of the universe

15.3. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
SAVOY BROWN    Live detroit 1970    I hate to see you go
FAIRPORT CONVENTION     What we did on our holiday 1969   Mr Lacey
AFTER LIFE     Cauchemar 1975    Cauchemar
LILY      V.C.U. -we see you- 1973    Adlertar
ONE WAY TICKET     Time is right 1968   Sing along

vzpomínka  JEFF HEALEY BAND    Live in chicago 1992    Blue jean blues
CORPORAL GANDERS FIRE DOG BRIGADE     On the rocks 1969     Run for life
BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND     Live in Los Angeles 1970    Everything is allright
TOAD     same 1971   Life goes on
BLUE MOUNTAIN EAGLE      same 1970      Sweet mama
JOSE CID     10000Anos depois entre venus e marte 1978   O caos

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MECKI MARK MEN     same 1967    Love your life
FRANTIC   Conception 1971    Wicked woman
SVANFRIDUR      Whats hidden here 1972     What now you people standing by

nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
MICHAEL KATON     Proud to be loud 1988   Gotta move

8.3. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
LUCIFER    same1970    See you in hell
FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND     Anywhere 1971  louisiana blues
CHARLEE   same 1974     Wheel of fortune turning
SARACEN      Heroes,saints and fools 1972   Crusader
IRON MAIDEN      Maiden voyage 1969      God of darkness
SOMEONES BAND   same 1971    Give it to you

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
BLUE MOUNTAIN EAGLE    same 1970     Love is here
FAT WATER     same 1969     Waiting for Mary
HANSON     Now hear this 1973   Smokin to the big M

1.3. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND    Live in nassau 1973     Whipping post
pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
BLUE CHEER    same 1969    Saturday freedom
SCORCHED EARTH    Fed to your head 1971    Busted
TEAR GAS    Piggy go better 1971   Witches come today
GROUP 1850     Polyandri 1974    Thousand zears before
SUB    In concert 1971   Ma mari huana
NAZZ     same 1968     Wildwood blues
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND      Liva at Abbey road 1969     Yason blues
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE     After bathing at Baxters  1967    Young girl sunday blues
OUTLAW BLUES BAND     same 1968    Death dog of doom
SIEGEL SCHWALL BAND    same 1966    Hoochie coochie man
ARKTIS   More Arktis tapes 1975     Guitar emotion

nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
BUDDAHEADS    Howlin at the moon 2004   Long way down
MILLER ANDERSON    Bluesheart 2006    High tide and high water

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
SNOW    same 1968   Song of the sirens
COTTONWOOD     Camaraderie 1971     50lbs of smile
MAGIC BUBBLE     same 1970    Whiskey fire

23.2. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 poslední sobota v měsíci s tématem blues rok tehdy a dnes
JOE BONAMASSA   So its like that  2002   No slack
pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD   Born to run
BLUES BAND  Live at the BBC 1982   Maggies farm
KENNY WAYNE SHEPARD    10Days out  2007   Big daddy boogie
RORY GALLAGHER     In the beginning 1967   Take it easy baby
TUBESNAKES    Texas minded 2002    You dont know loving yet
JOE BECK   Nature boy 1969   No more blues
ALBERT CUMMINGS   From the heart 2003    Your own way
JULIAN JAY SAVARIN  Waiters on the dance1971    Death of alda
VINCE CONVERSE   One step ahead 1998     Recession blues
KROKODIL     Sweat and swim  1973    Talking world war III blues
MIKE MORGAN    Low down and evil 1997   I dont want you
LEON RUSSELL  Live 1972     Out in the woods
ERIC GALES    Crystal vision 2006   Restitution
THIN LIZZY    Live and dangerous 1978    Jailbreak 
TONY VEGA BAND     Yeah you right 2003   Walkin blues
IRON BUTTERFLY   Metamorphis  1970    New day

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
LILY    v.c.u. - WE SEE YOU 1973   In those times
GREEN     same 1969    Where have I been?
FOOD     Foreve is a dream 1969     Naive prayers

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