: -  Part 2
NUAGE -  She said (She said EP)
NUAGE -  Limelight (She said EP)
NUAGE -  Forgotten Tones (Forgotten Tones EP)
HIDDEN ELEMENT & LIQUID BREAK -  I see the Light ft. Kiyomi (NUAGE rmx) (Forgotten Tones EP)
NUAGE -  Nulla (Neida mLP)
NUAGE -  Haunting (Neida mLP)
NUAGE -  Neida ft. Olga Maximova (Neida mLP)
NUAGE -  Erased (digital bonus) (Neida mLP)
NUAGE -  September Song (Cloud Maps comp./Mirrors EP)
NUAGE -  I have never seen Mountains (Cloud Maps comp./Don´t hide your Feelings EP)
NUAGE -  Open Road (Cloud Maps comp.)
NUAGE -  Sunday Morning ft. N4M3 (Cloud Maps comp./Collaborations & Remixes EP)
NUAGE -  Message (City Echoes EP)
NUAGE -  Moment after Moment (City Echoes EP)
NUAGE -  Overseas (BOP rmx) (Prints of you Remixes EP)
NUAGE -  Waterfalls (NUAGE rmx) (Prints of you Remixes EP)