: -  Part 1
GETZ & NUAGE -  Kind of Lost (Anywhere here LP)
NUAGE -  Missing you (VA: New Blood 011)
NUAGE -  Feel me (Dream Box EP)
NUAGE -  Cold Memoires (Don´t hide your Feelings EP)
NUAGE -  After Rain (Mirrors EP)
GERWIN & NUAGE -  Lying Portraits ft. 2Shy (Lying Portraits EP)
NUAGE -  Gray ft. Yorra (Music of Branches LP)
NUAGE -  Eversky (Music of Branches LP)
NUAGE -  Orchidee (Music of Branches LP)
NUAGE -  Frozen Voices (Music of Branches LP)
NUAGE -  So long (So long EP)
NUAGE -  Paris Calling (Paris Calling EP)
NUAGE -  Unlock down (My Patience EP)
NUAGE -  Prints of You (Prints of You LP)
NUAGE -  Wandering Waves (Prints of You LP)
NUAGE -  Turn East ft. Veronique J (Prints of You LP)
NUAGE -  Waterfalls (Prints of You LP)