DINAH WASHINGTON -  Relax Max, CD The Swingin´Miss D. - http://bit.ly/1Q2hEM5
CAL TJADER -  Soul Burst, CD Soul Burst - http://bit.ly/1JPiYwu
GERRY MULLIGAN, BEN WEBSTER -  Fajista, CD Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster - http://bit.ly/1MUKQnz
THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET -  Castilian Drums, CD Countdown - http://bit.ly/1p0qsHq
BILL EVANS -  Spartacus Love Theme, CD Conversations With Myself - http://bit.ly/1VzMIJL
ERIC DOLPHY -  Gazzelloni, CD Out To Lunch - http://bit.ly/1j9X420
JIMMY SMITH -  Groove Drops, CD Walk on the Wild Side: The Best of the Verve Years - http://bit.ly/1VzNfeP
WYNTON KELLY TRIO, WES MONTGOMERY -  Four on Six, CD Smokin' at the Half Note - http://bit.ly/1LcLbOA
SONNY ROLLINS -  Blossom, CD Road Shows, Vol.1 - http://bit.ly/1VzNXbV