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HALFTRIBE -  Imaginery Lines [For the Summer, or forever, Dronarivm 2018]
HALFTRIBE -  From One Point to another [For the Summer, or forever, Dronarivm 2018]
BVDUB -  Eyeless [E]choes (excerp) [A different Definition of Love, Dronarivm 2018]
SVEN LAUX -  The lost Violin [Paper Cities, Dronarivm 2017]
PLEQ -  Absorbed by Resonance (AARON MARTIN rmx) [Re​:​composition, Dronarivm 2017]
CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA -  Moon in the Dust [Above the Desert, Dronarivm 2016]
OLAN MILL -  Somimes [Cavade Morlem, Dronarivm 2015]
THE GREEN KINGDOM -  Untitled 4 [Expanses, Dronarivm 2014]
HAKOBUNE -  Dead Leaves Crumble (excerpt) [Dead Leaves Crumble, Dronarivm 2013]
LISTENING MIRROR -  On the Passing of Chavela (excerpt) [On the Passing of Chavela, Dronarivm 2012]