LAPALUX -  The Mice March (Forest EP)
LAPALUX -  Time, Patience, everything (Many Faces out of Focus EP)
LAPALUX -  Moments ft. PY (When you´re gone EP)
LAPALUX -  Quartz (Some other Time EP)
LAPALUX -  Forgetting and learning again ft. Kerry Leatham (Some other Time EP)
BONOBO -  Prelude (LAPALUX rmx) (Black Sands Remixed)
LAPALUX -  Guuurl (Guuurl SP/Nostalchic LP)
LAPALUX -  Without you ft. Kerry Leatham (radio edit) (Without you EP)
LAPALUX -  Flower (Nostalchic LP)
LAPALUX -  Swallowing Smoke (Nostalchic LP)
LAPALUX -  Dance ft. Astrid Williamson (Nostalchic LP)
LAPALUX -  Forlorn ft. Busdriver (Forlorn SP)
LAPALUX -  Gold ft. Jassy Grez (Gold SP)
LAPALUX -  Make Money (Grand Theft Audio V OST)
LPLX -  Lonesum Tnite (Elvis Presley cover) (Lonesum Tnite SP)
LAPALUX -  Movement I, II & III (Movement I, II & III SP)
LAPALUX -  U never know ft. Andreya Triana (Lustmore LP)
LAPALUX -  Midnight Peelers (Lustmore LP)
LAPALUX -  Don´t mean a Thing (Lustmore LP)
LAPALUX -  1004 (Lustmore LP)
LAPALUX -  GOBLIN (Cuts Vol. 1 EP)
LAPALUX -  Rotted Arp ft. Louisahhh (Rotted Arp SP/Ruinism LP)
LAPALUX -  Flickering ft. JFDR (Flickering SP/Ruinism LP)
LAPALUX -  4EVA ft. Talvi (4EVA SP/Ruinism LP)
LAPALUX -  Petty Passion (Ruinism LP)