ALT-J -  Hand-Made (∆ EP)
ALT-J -  Bloodflood (Bloodflood/Tessellate 7´´)
ALT-J -  Matilda (Matilda/Fitzpleasure 10´´/An awesome Wave LP)
ALT-J -  Breezeblocks (Breezeblocks 7´´/An awesome Wave LP)
ALT-J -  Tessellate (An awesome Wave LP/Tessellate EP)
ALT-J -  Dissolve me (An awesome Wave LP/Dissolve me Remixes EP)
ALT-J -  Ms (An awesome Wave LP)
ALT-J -  Something good (FORT ROMEAU rmx) (Something good EP)
ALT-J -  Fitzpleasure (DAVE SITEK rmx) (Summer EP)
ALT-J -  Hunger of the Pine (radio edit) (Hunger of the Pine SP)
ALT-J -  Left Hand free (Left Hand free SP/This is all Yours LP)
ALT-J -  Every other Freckle (Every other Freckle SP/This is all Yours LP)
ALT-J -  Nara (This is all Yours LP)
ALT-J -  The Gospel of John Hurt (This is all Yours LP)
ALT-J -  Story 4 sleeplessly Embracing (CLIPPING rmx) (This is all Yours too EP)
MASAKICHI -  Spring (Thom ALT-J rmx) (Hummingbird EP)
ALT-J -  3WW ft. Ellie Rowsell (radio edit) (3WW SP)
ALT-J -  In cold Blood (In cold Blood SP/Relaxer LP)
ALT-J -  Hit me like that Snare (Relaxer LP)
ALT-J -  Deadcrush (Relaxer LP)
ALT-J -  Pleader (Relaxer LP)