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I’d like to introduce you to an artist who climbed up the ranks of the music loving masses…. he goes by the name of Mr Jon Kennedy.

Hailed as ‘Almost certainly one of the 3 most talented men hailing from Stockport, UK.’ Jon is a man on a musical mission. He’s been circumnavigating the planet with his music since 2001 and the journey continues, goes further afield. He’s certainly a talented chap and has shown longevity with this talent. Jon has earned a place in the downtempo, beats, breaks and electronic scene that transcends into 2016, new respect and admiration from today’s audiences and from the new generation of producers and DJ’s show us the strength of sound Jon and his Record Label have….

He has amassed more than 3 million unique recorded plays on LastFM and 10′s of thousands of fans and followers on Social network sites and has no plans in going anywhere…. now with his own record label THE JON KENNEDY FEDERATION

After a stint with Brighton based Tru Thoughts Recordings, Jon, in autumn 2002 joined the Grand Central family which includes Aim and Rae & Christian. Bred a stone’s throw from GCHQ, his childhood in Stockport was characterized by exposure to new and interesting music, as a function of his parents’ enthusiasm for the pioneering artists of their day. Jon cites Peter Frampton, Electric Light Orchestra, David Essex and Geoff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” (check out the H.G. Wells classic !) as early influences. His taste would in part be shaped also by his brother’s musical excavations, which brought him into contact with more guitar-centric bands like KIZZ and AC/DC.

Already to his credit, Jon has numerous 7″, 10″ and 12″ releases along with a plethora of digital releases and remixes of over 50 artists. 2001 brought his debut album entitled ”We’re Just Waiting For You Now” to the world, on the well respected, Brighton based record label Tru Thoughts recordingsIn August 2003 he released his second Long Player for Manchester based record label Grand Central Records entitled “Take My Drum To England” followed by a third “Useless Wooden Toys”. 2009 brought his fourth long player entitled “14″ where he moved into the stratosphere with his very own label THE JON KENNEDY FEDERATION  releasing a further LP entitled  “Corporeal"

His DJ STYLE is varied but always geared to the dancefloor where necessary. Jon has circumnavigated the planet at least twice with his selective ear and can be found DJing at various clubs and bars around the world on a regular basis. Check out the GIGS section of his site for more info……

The live show constists of a group of uber talented individuals that recreate the JK sound on the live podium with Jon himself conducting his players from behind the drumkit.

To book Jon for a gig, please use his CONTACT PAGE