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23.2. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 poslední sobota v měsíci s tématem blues rok tehdy a dnes
JOE BONAMASSA   So its like that  2002   No slack
pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD   Born to run
BLUES BAND  Live at the BBC 1982   Maggies farm
KENNY WAYNE SHEPARD    10Days out  2007   Big daddy boogie
RORY GALLAGHER     In the beginning 1967   Take it easy baby
TUBESNAKES    Texas minded 2002    You dont know loving yet
JOE BECK   Nature boy 1969   No more blues
ALBERT CUMMINGS   From the heart 2003    Your own way
JULIAN JAY SAVARIN  Waiters on the dance1971    Death of alda
VINCE CONVERSE   One step ahead 1998     Recession blues
KROKODIL     Sweat and swim  1973    Talking world war III blues
MIKE MORGAN    Low down and evil 1997   I dont want you
LEON RUSSELL  Live 1972     Out in the woods
ERIC GALES    Crystal vision 2006   Restitution
THIN LIZZY    Live and dangerous 1978    Jailbreak 
TONY VEGA BAND     Yeah you right 2003   Walkin blues
IRON BUTTERFLY   Metamorphis  1970    New day

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
LILY    v.c.u. - WE SEE YOU 1973   In those times
GREEN     same 1969    Where have I been?
FOOD     Foreve is a dream 1969     Naive prayers
16.2. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
FREE    Live Isle of Wight 1970     Hunter
JUNKIN BONE     Way down east  1972     Way down east
SHANTI    same 1971    Out of nowhere
STONEHOUSE CREEK        same 1971     Hobo
UNDERDOGS     Underdogs blues band 1968    Yonder wall
INSECT TRUST   Hoboken saturday night 1970   Ducks
ZARPA ROCK   Los 4jinetes del apocalipsis  1978    Los 4jinetes del apocalipsis
HUMBLE PIE     Eat it 1973   I am a road runner
RHINOCEROS    same 1968    I need love
SAVOY BROWN     Getting to the point 1968    You need love
PANCAKE     Roxy elephant 1975     Roxy elephant
CRAVINKEL   Garden of loneliness 1973    Sitting in the forest
GUESS WHO   Live at the Paramount  1972    Running back to saskatoon

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
LINN COUNTY    Proud flesh soothseer 1968   Protect and serve
MYTHOS   same 1971     Hero,s death  
9.2. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD   Born to run
DILLINGER    same 1974     Natures way
PIRANA       same 1971    stand back
HOT TUNA     First pull up then pull down 1971   John other
NOSFERATU    same 1972  Found my home
TALIX    Spuren 1970   Lieben lieben lieben
LYNYRD SKYNYRD    Teaching an okie to fly 1975    Simple man-that smell
APPLE PIE MOTHERHOOD BAND     Apple pie 1968    Orangutan
WHITE LIGHTNING      same 1968    Born too rich
JERONIMO   same 1970 single Astr.  Kind of feelin
FAT    same 1970    Duck sweat
BACON FAT   Grease one for me 1970    Smalls on 53rds

pravidelná rubrika  Stařinky
GLASS HARP    same 1970    Childrens fantasy
SWEET TOOTHE      Testing 1975    Music,s gotta stay
RAINBOW      After the storm 1968    Ballad of captain bob and good ship venus
J.J.LIGHT      Heya!  1969        Follow me girl
CHILDREN OF ONE    same 1969    Here and now

2.2. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 PETER GREEN   In the skies 1979    A fool no more
SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND  Live 1976   Faith healer

pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD   Born to run

LIVIN BLUES    Single Bstr. 1970    Crazy women
MAD DOG    Dawn of the seventh sun 1969    Military disgust
HUMAN INSTINCT     Stoned guitar 1970  Jugg a jug song
FLEETWOOD MAC    Blues jam in Chicago 1969  Hortons Boogie woogie
STEPPENWOLF      Hour of the wolf 1975   Someone told a lie
IRON BUTTERFLY and YES     Copenhagen live 1971   Goodbye jam
BLUES MAGOOS    Basic 1968   You are getting old
VICTORIA     same 1971     Village to etaf
MOSES     Changes 1971   Everything is changed
SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION    Triad 1972  Spaceship
EARL HOOKER     Hooker and Steve  1969    Moon is rising

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
ZARPA ROCK     Los cuatro jinetes del apocalipsis 1978    Lacontaminacion
REG KING    same 1971   Savannah
BEAT MERCHANTS    Beats go on 1964     Pretty face
BLISS     same 1969   Visions
TIMOTHY DAWE and PATRICIA PICKENS    Night at the wine cellar 1978    No more honey
PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI    Live in USA 1974    Four holes in the ground
BODACIOUS DF  with Marty Balin    same 1973    Drifting

26.1. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 poslední sobota v měsíci věnované New wave blues aneb ti co hrají postaru - vše z roku 2007 1. díl
uvodni skladba DEREK TRUCKS BAND   same 1997  Dminor blues
JULIAN SAS   Resurrection 2007   Burning soul
ROBBEN FORD  Truth 2007   Moonchild blues
DAVE HOLE    Rough diamond 2007   Rough diamond child
MICHAEL KATON     Live and on the prowl 2007   Love hoo doo
LANCE LOPEZ   Higher ground 2007   Drinking my blues
BLUE SHADDY     Bury my ghost 2007   Bury my ghost
MARTIN AND HIS RHYTHM KINGS    Some people killed it all 2007   Early in the morning
WENTUS BLUES BAND     Agriculture 2007  Passanger blues
COCO MONTOYA   Dirty deal 2007   Its my own tears
BACK DOOR SLAM    Roll away 2007  Come home
WATERMELON SLIM AND THE WORKERS    Wheel man 2007   Wheel man
BOB MARGOLIN     In North Carolina 2007  Lonely man blues

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
BILLY BOY ARNOLD AND THE GROUNDHOGS WITH TONY MCPHEE     Checking it out 1977    Dirty mother
CRAIG ERICKSON     Big highway 2007   River keeps on rollin
BLUES BREAKERS     Demo 2007   So many women
SNOWY WHITE AND THE WHITE FLAMES    Live flames 2007   I will be moving on
ROB ORLEMANS AND HALF PAST MIDNIGHT   Libertyville 2007   Fuzzbox boogie
EDDIE MARTIN    Contrary mary 2007   Better the devil you know
THORBJORN RISAGER     Here I am 2007  Down home blues
ARNESEN BLUES BAND   Walkin with my baby 2007   Things about comin my way
IRENEUSZ  DUDEK    Shakin dudi zlota plyta 2008    Miaiem ciezki dzien
19.1. 2008 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
CLIMAX CHICAGO BLUES BAND   same 1969   Like uncle Charlie
SIEGEL SCHWALL  BAND   Last summer 1974    Hey Billie Jean
YELLOW PAGES    Vol.1 1968    Moonfire
LIVIN BLUES    Wang dang doodle 1974   Spoonful
AMPHYRITE   same 1973   Oasis boogie
JOE BECK    Nature boy 1969  Aint no use in talkin
RORY GALLAGHER    Empire Cleveland live 1991   Ghost blues
ROY BUCHANAN    Live 1976   Starnge kind of feeling
CUBY AND THE BLIZZARDS   Afscheidsconcert 1969   Distant smile
BLACKFEATHER    Live in Sunburry 1974   Bloppin the blues
IRON BUTTERFLY    Live at maritime hall SF    Stoned believer
BINTANGS    Blues on the ceiling 1969   Blues on the ceiling
pravidelna rubrika Starinky
PALADIN   Charge 1972   Good Lord
MICHAELANGELO   One voice many 1971   West
FIREBIRDS    Light my fire 1969    Light my fire
BRAINTICKET     Cottonwood hill 1970    Places of light
5.1. 2008 12:00 - 13:00 prodloužené i za 12.1.08, kdy Staré poledne nebude

pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
BULL ANGUS    Free for all  1972     Lone stranger
I DRIVE     Live 1971    Before the devil
ALLMAN BROTHERS    Live at Atlanta pop festival  1970   Dont keep me wondering
STORM     same 1970     I have got to tell you mama
GORILLA     Creative rock 1972     Blind people
OUT OF FOCUS      same 1971      Television programe
TANGERINE DREAM     Electronic meditation 1970  Resurrection
OCTOPUS     Restless night 1970     River
MOTHERLIGHT     Bobak,Jons,Malone  1970    Mona lose
UFO   Live 1972   Boogie for george
KROKODIL  An invisible world revealed 1971   Session part I.
NEUTRAL SPIRITS    same 1972   Power city
VIOLA CRAYOLA    Breathing of statues 1974   Mr Leroy,Pepe is lost
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE   Thirty seconds over winterland 1973    Feel so good
FORT MUDGE MEMORIAL DUMP    same 1970    MrMan

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
PHANTASIA    A Psychedelic...  1971    Stumbling dragon
THINK    We will give you a buzz   1976    Our children
ZOO    Presents chocolate moose  1968   From a camels hump
BABY HUEY    Living legend 1971    Listen to me
STANDELLS     Try it 1967    Riot on sunset strip      

29.12. 2007 11:00 - 13:00 tematická poslední sobota v měsíci:
Hrajeme ze sbírek strýce Josefa

VAN WILKS    Kokos hideaway 1999     Memphis turnaround
SKIN ALLEY   Pagham and beyond  1970     Take me to your leaders daughter
BLOOD,SWEAT and TEARS    same 1969      Blues part II.
JIM  SHULER and MONKEY BEAT     Dirt road 2002    Shake hands with the blues
LOGGINS and MESSINA     Friends 1972    Angry eyes
BLODWYN  PIG   Getting to this 1970      San francisco sketches
TEMPEST   same 1973     Starngeher
JOE WALSH   You cant argue with a sick mind 1976    Turn to stone
PAUL GILBERT and JIMI KIDD    Raw blues power 2002   Pacific coast highway
BLACK WIDOW    Sacrifice 1970     Sacrifice
GIFT    Blue apple 1971    Go to find a way
JADE WARRIOR   Released 1971   Water curtain cave
ROY BUCHANAN   Live in Japan 1978   Blues otani

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky aneb dokončení cesty od A do Z okolo světa z minulého týdne
TAURUS     Live 1972   Hosszu ejjel hosszu nap    Madarsko
UGLY  DUCKLINGS    singles 67-68    I need your love  Can.
VYTAS BRENNER      Hermanos 1974    Ganado  Ven.
ZIPPS    Be stoned 1969   Highway gambler    Holl.


pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD   Born to run

nejdříve něco pro zahřátí

DIES IRAE      Heavy Christmas  1973   Silent night
JOHN MAYALL   Hard road 1967    dust my blues
JOY UNLIMITED    Heavy Christmas 1973   All heaven and all earth are silent
Starý rockový pes doporučuje
DAVE HOLE   Live one 2003    Bullfrog blues

sváteční pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
ATOLL   Musiciens magiciens  1974   Le baladin du temps   Fra.
BLACKBIRDS   Touch of magic 1971   Return from time war   Ger.
CLIMAX    Gusano Mecanico  1974    Cristales  sonadores   Bol.
DELIRIUM    Lo scemo e il villagio 1972   Villagio   Ita.
EVOLUTION     same 1970   DrVazquez  Spa.
FOOD  BRAIN     same 1971   Clock   Jap.
GUDIBRALLAN    same 1971   Terjes klagan  Swe.
HOOK     Hooked 1968    Go   USA.
IGGINBOTTOMS    Wrench 1969   Castle    GB.  
JUAN  DE LA CRUZ BAND    Maskara 1974    Beep beep   Filip.
KYRIE  ELEISON    Fountain beyond the sunrise 1976    Aust.
LA KABALA    same 1971   El cumbachera    Peru
MANAR    same 1971   Songur satans  Isla.
OS BRAZOES    same 1969   Feitico  Braz.
PLUS     No pisar el infinito 1972  Zapada final  Arg.
RAINBOW BAND    same 1970     Rainbow song   Nor.
SPIDERS   Nuevas rutas en sonido 1973   Without my lady I am feeling bad   Mex.
15.12. 2007 11:00 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
FELT      same 1971    Change
STEAMHAMMER     MK II.  1969     Another travelling tune
BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE     Previously unrealeased 1975    Slow down boogie
QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE   Performances 67-68  Back door man
CHARLIE AND ESDOR    Live at MNW 1970    It,s all over now
PAN   same 1970    They make money with the stars
MOTHERLIGHT    Bobak,Jons,Malone 1970   Burning the weed
AFTER SHAVE    Skin deep 1972    Skin deep
GRINGO    same 1971    patriotic song
STONEHOUSE    Stonehouse Creek  1971   Hobo

pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
DEAF    Alpha 1970     No time
GORILLA      Creative rock  1972    Wunderbar
MURASAKI  Impact 1975   Fly me away
VARIATIONS      Nador 1969    Completely free

nepravidelná rubrika Bluesové okénko
SHERMAN ROBERTSON   Going back home 1998     I wonder why

8.12. 2007 11:00 - 13:00 Interpreté, na které jste dávno zapomněli, anebo které jste ani neznali

Pravidelná znělka
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Born to run
VALHALLA - same 1972 - Overseas symphony
RARE AMBER - same 1969 - Custom blues
BERGENDY - same 1971 - Jojj vissza vandor
BECK,BOGERT,APPICE - Live in Tokyo 1973 - Blues deluxe BBA boogie
STONE THE CROWS - Live on the highway 1972 - Goin down
UTOPIA - same 1970 - Working man
HAIRY CHAPTER - Cant get through 1971 - Theres a kind of nothing
SIREN - Strange locomotion 1971 - Fetch me my woman
ACDC - For Bon far gone - High voltage 1976 - Love song
ELLIAS HULK - Unchained 1970 - Aint got you
ROY BUCHANAN - Live at the Paradiso 1985 - Honky Tonk in F..

Pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
TALIX - Spuren  1970 - Jeder abschied
PAN - DRSessions 1970 - Freedom
SOUTHERN COMFORT and Walter Shakey Horton - same 1968 - Paying double + Netti netti

1.12. 2007 11:00 - 13:00 Interpreté, na které jste dávno zapomněli, anebo které jste ani neznali

Pravidelná znělka
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Born to run
FREDDY LINDQUIST - Menu 1970 - Sundae sellers
COLORED BALLS - First supper last 1972 - Working mans boogie
VIRUS - Revelation 1971 - Burning candle
INDIAN SUMMER - same 1971 - Another tree will grow
8 DAYS IN APRIL - Hamburg scene 1972 - I´d like to be a child again
RAINBOW FFOLLY - Sallies fforth  1968 - Sun sing
BLUES IMAGE - Open 1970 - Love is the answer
LIVIN BLUES - Ram jam josey 1975 - Dizzy busy bluesman
MCDONALD AND SHERBY - Catharsis  1969 - Drivin me crazy
SAM GOPAL - Escalator 1969 - You are alone now
ARMAGEDDON   G.B. - same 1975 - Paths and plans and future gains
ARMAGEDDON   GER. - same 1970 - Better by you better by me

Pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
ARMAGEDDON   USA. - same 1969 - Another part of our life
BLOPS - Locomotora 1973 - Locomotora
GOLDEN CUPS - Super live session 1969 - Zens blues
VALHALLA - same 1972 - I am not asking

24.11. 2007 11:00 - 13:00 Interpreté, na které jste dávno zapomněli, anebo které jste ani neznali

Poslední sobota v měsíci Téma: Německý KRAUTROCK a progresivní rock

Pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Born to run
THIRSTY MOON - You will never come back 1973 - Thrash man
AGITATION FREE - Other sides off...1974 - Deliverance
VIRUS - Remember 1973 - This is no anarchy
ARMAGGEDON - same 1970 - Open
RUFUS ZUPHALL - Avalon and on 1972 - Avalon suite
OS MUNDI - Latin mass  1971 - Sanctus
EMBRYO - Steig aus 1972 - Radio Marrakesh

Pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MORPHEUS - Rabenteuer 1975 - Morpheus jam
8 DAYS IN APRIL - Hamburg scene 1972 - Ann too much
PANCAKE - Roxy elephant 1975 - Roxy elephant
TWOGETHER - A couple of times 1973 - Percussion
TRIKOLON - Cluster 1969 - Trumpet for example

17.11. 2007 11:00 - 13:00 Interpreté, na které jste dávno zapomněli, anebo které jste ani neznali

Pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Born to run
NICE - Thoughts of Emerlist dayjack 1967 - Bonnie K.
VOX DEI - Caliente 1970 - Total que
MY SOLID GROUND - SWF Session 1970 - bbb
FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE - same 1968 - Gold digger
BLONDE ON BLONDE - Rebirth 1970 - Colour questions
COSMIC DEALER - Crystallization 1971 - Swingin Joe Brown
HEADBAND - A song for Tooley 1973 - Stay with me
APPLE PIE  MOTHERHOOD BAND - Apple pie 1969 - Orangutang
WHIÍTE  NOISE - An electric storm 1969 - Love without sound
TRIPSICHORD  MUSIC BOX - Tripsichord 1969 - Fly baby

Pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
PRUDENCE - Tomorrow may be vanished 1972 - Tomorrow may be vanished
JUNKIN BONE - Way down east 1972 - Johnny Lee,s mood
GRAIL - same 1970 - Power
SEVENTH SEAL - Reflections 1967 - I have got a mind to give up livin,
VAL STOECKLEIN - Grey life 1968 - say it is not over
MAXIMILLIAN - same 1969 - Scar on my memory

Nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
DAVID GOGO - Live at Deer lake 2003 - Hoochie coochie man

10.11. 2007 11:00 - 13:00 Interpreté, na které jste dávno zapomněli, anebo které jste ani neznali

Pravidelná znělka
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Born to run
HUMAN INSTINCT - Burning up years 1969 - Blues news
AMERICAN BLUES EXCHANGE - Blueprint 1968 - Cold from blues
EXCURSIONS - same 1968 - Third eye
HOWLIN WOLF - same 1968 - Back door man
CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY - Texas Intl.pop festival 1969 - I am a man
BLACK PEARL - same 1969 - White devil
OL,PAINT - same 1971 - All for love
MORNING GLORY - Two suns worth 1968 - So glad being there

Nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
BLUE CHEER - What doesn´t kill you 2007 - Rollin,dem bones

Pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
DILLINGER - same 1974 - People
O TERCO - Terco 1973 - Deus
GYPSY - In the garden  1971 - As far as you can see
MAD DOG - same 1969 - Military disgust
ACHE - De homine urbano 1970 - De homine urbano
ILLUSION - Madonna blus 1978 - Madonna blue

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