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30.7. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
THIRD RAIL   LP Rail music 1967    Jack rabbit
SACRED MUSHROOM  LP same 1969  Lifeline
JOHN THE REVELATOR   LP Wild blues 1970  Worried dreams
TABACO   LP Desintegration  1971  Born to be free
GENTLE SOUL  Single 1966  Tell me love
MANAR  LP same 1971  Songur satans
SISTER HARRIS   Single 1923  Sugar blues
ILFORD SUBWAY  Single  1967  A new song
ZZTOP  LP same  1970  Brown sugar
EASY CHAIR  Single 1968  My own life
DRAGON  /  France/ LP Kalahen 1977  Janes private  works
DRAGON  / New zealand/ LP Sentenced gardens for the blind 1973  Sentenced gardens for the blind
JUNE CHRISTY    Single 1945  Shoo fly pie
ALAN TRAJAN  LP Firm roots  1969  Down river
GRAHAM BOND   LP  Love is law  1968  Love is law
NEW BREED  Single 1968  A new tomorrow
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
FLAVIUM  LP No kinin, 1979  Double trouble
ELEPHANTS MEMORY  LP Midnight cowboy  1969  Old man willow
WOLF  LP  Canis lupus  1973 isolation waltz
MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK   LP same 1969 It will break your heart
FOREVER MORE  LP same 1970  Good to me
23.7. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
TRUBROT  LP Undir ahrifum 1970   Feel me
SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON  and the ANIMALS   LP Live  1963  Pontiac blues
PUSSYFOOT   Single 1967  Dark star
REDWING  LP same 1971  Underground railway
KROKODIL  LP same 1969  All alone
JADE HEXAGRAM    Single  1967   Great shadowy strange
DENNY KING   LP   Evil wind is blowing   1972  Home cooking
CAPTAIN MARRYAT   LP same  71-75  Dance of thor
VELVET FROGS  Single 1968   Archeology
JIM FORD   LP Harlan country  1969  Harlam county
COMMON PEOPLE  LP same 1969  Those who love
HERD  LP Paradise and underground 1967  Sunshine cottage
JOSIE MILES  Single 1922  Four oclock blues
THREE SOULS IN MY MIND   LP  same  1971  My family
STEVE BRETT and MAVERICS  LP same 1965  Sad lonely and blue
nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
YOKO NOGE JAPANESQUE  LP same 2010  Sister persistent
pravidelna rubrika Starinky
TOUCH  LP Street  suite 1969  Catfish
HILLOW HAMMET    LP same 1970  Slip away
16.7. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 jeden kousek ještě před znělkou  BUDDY GUY   LP Crossroads blues festival 2006  Sweet home Chicago
pravidelná znělka
  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
SHORT CROSS   LP Arising 1972   Nothing but a woman
DALTON  LP Riflessioni idea d,afinito  1973  Un Bambino
OMEGA  Single 1970  Snuki
WILDFIRE   LP  Smokin, 1970  Stars in the sky
ANDREW LEIGH   LP Magician  1970  Up the USA
IF   LP 4   1972  The light still shines
PRETTY THINGS   LP Even more electric banana  1969  Alexander
SYD BARRETT   LP same  1970   Baby lemonade
MASON  LP Hrabour  1971  Let it burn
YARDBIRDS   Single 1967   Stroll on
FLOWER OF PURPLE  Single 1967   Luv,s so free
CACTUS    Single  1972  Hound dog sniffin
SKIN ALLEY   LP Stop Veruschka  1969    Sun music
GRAYLOCK MANISON   Single 1968  Over my shoulder
T.I.M.E.   LP Smooth ball 1969   Trust in men everywhere
MAD JOHN FEVER    Single 1969   Breath and thunder
TAJ MAHAL    LP same 1968  Leaving trunk
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MAGIC LANTERNS  LP Shame shame shame 1969  When the music stops
HUDSON-FORD  LP Worlds collide  1975  Did Works collide?

9.7. 2011 11:10 - 13:00
2.7. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 Pravidelna znelka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
Starinka MISTY  Single 1970  Hot cinnamon
Starinka LAURELS  Single 1971  Underground
Starinka STARNGE FOX  Single 1971  Ask me all
FREEDOM  LP same 1970  Man made laws
Starinka DEADWOOD  Single 1971 That don’t help me none
Starinka EASTWOOD  Single 1971  Gypsy
RAREBIRD  LP same 1971   Hammerhead
Starinka PEDDLERS  Single 1973  It,s so easy
SKINALLEY  Single 1970  Tell me
Starinka CHRIS HODGE  Single 1972  We,re on our way
Starinka PARADISE HAMMER  Single 1970  She is love
Starinka  PARSON-SMITH   Single 1972  Letter
Starinka  QUARTTET  Single 1970   Joseph
Starinka  MOSAIC   Single 1970   Bird of time
Starinka  SOLOMON KING   Single 1970   Life child
Soundtrack-hudba k filmu   FROG   Single 1973 Witch Hunt  / rezie John Cameron /
Starinka  RAINBOW FAMILY   Single 1972   Travelling lady
Starinka  PAUL ST.JOHN   Single 1972    Flying saucers have landed
LUV MACHINE  LP same 1971  Everything
JOHN,S CHILDREN  LP Orgasm 1970   Smashed blocked
SMOKE   LP At Georgie,s coffee shop  1969   High in a room
ATTACK   LP  Final daze  1967   Mr Pinnodmy,s dilemma
TROGGS  LP  Cellophane 1967   When will the rain come
MOVE   LP same 1968   Here we go round the lemon tree
GORDON JACKSON   LP Thinking back  1969  A day at the cottage
SMALL FACES   LP  Ogden,s nut gone flake  1968   Long agos and worlds apart
Starinka  IN CROWD  Single  1967   Blow up
DONOVAN    LP Sunshine superman  1966   Three kingfihers
KALEDOSCOPE  Single 1967  Further reflections in the room of percussion 

18.6. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
BIG MAMA THORTON  Single 1953  Hound dog
UNICORN  LP Blue pine trees  1974  Just wanna hold you
STILLROVEN   LP  Too many spaces  1968  Girl in blond
ZOLDAR & CLARK  LP  same  1977  Ghost of way
CLINIC  LP Soundtrack La Route De Salina  1970  Sunny road to Salina
4LEVELS OF EXISTENCE   LP same 1976  Metamorphic
WE THE PEOPLE   LP Declaration of independence 1966  You are the color of love
J.B.LENOIR  Single 1965 Slow down woman
SNAKEGRINDER  LP  And the shredded filemice 1977  Freedonian hat dance Jesus was a plumber
MUSHROOM   LP Early one morning  1973  Early one morning
CLARK HUTCHISON  LP Blues 1968   Crow  Jane
KYRIE ELEISON  LP Fountain beyond the sunrise  1976  Mounting the eternal spiral
HANSON   LP Now hear this 1973  Gospel truth
STEPSON  LP same 1974  Rule in the book
nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
RANDOM SOUND  LP First round 2011  Fall
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
PROTO-KAW   LP same 1971  Nactolos21
T.I.M.E.   LP  Smooth ball 1969   Morning come
11.6. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
FORD THEATRE    LP Time changes  1969  I have got the fever
JESSE HARPER   LP  Guitar absoluten in the shade of the midnight sun  1969  Midnight sun
AMERICAN EAGLE    LP same 1969  So satisfied
XHOL CARAVAN   LP Hau ruk 1970  Blues
BIG JOE WILLIAMS   Single 1963   Back in the bottom blues
LOVIN SPOONFULL   LP Everything playing  1967  Younger generation
MERKIN MANOR  LP Music from merkin Manor  1972    Maybe someday
VICTORIA JULIA  SPIVEY   Single 1962    T.B. blues
STARNGE DAYS   LP 9Parts to the wind 1975     9parts to the wind
OTIS SPAN   LP  Blues 1964  I came from Clarksdale   
DENNY GERRARD   LP Sinister morning 1970  Native sun
MANIAX   Single 1966  Devils home
PATRON SAINTS   LP Fohhob bohob  1969  Relax
nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
JIMMIE  VAUGHAN    At the Crossroads Blues festival  2004  Six strings down
pravidelná rubrika  Stařinky
LITTLE BIG HORN   LP  same 1971  Just ain,t fair
STEPSON   LP same 1974  I apologize
PUZZLE   LP  same  1969  Working for the rich man
4.6. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
FLEETWOOD MAC  LP Shrine 1969  Need your love so bad
LESLIES MOTEL  LP same 1972   Dirty sheets
QUINTESSENCE  LP  Live at StPancrass 1970  Twilight zone
LOCOMOTIVE GT  Single 1971 Ha volne szived
HOBO BLUES BAND  LP  Oly sokaig voltunk lenn 1979  Kozep europai
WEST COAST POPART EXPERIMENTAL BAND  LP same  Vol3. 1968  Eighteen is ovr the hill
EUPHORIA  Single 1970  Hangman,s rope
PLUM NELLY  LP Deceptive lines  1971  Carry on
GUNS and BUTTER  LP same 1972  I am
KAT  Single 1970  Tell the Word
SONNY TERRY  Single 1962 I,m crazy about you babe
TYRANNOSAURUSREX  Single 1970  By the light of a magical moon
VINEGAR JOE   LP Six star general 1973  Black smoke from the camulet
OTIS SPAN  LP Blues 1964 I got a feeling
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
FRINGE BENEFIT  Single 1969 Wild man of the forrest
ANDREW LEIGH  LP Magician 1970  Up the USA
4LEVELS OF EXISTENCE  LP same 1976  Child song
PAUL HILBERT  LP Childhood dream 1974  How to love you
STRANGE DAYS  LP 9parts to the wind 1975  Journey song
28.5. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
LITTLE FEAT  LP  Feats dont fail me now  1974  Cold,cold,cold
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE   LP Bless its little pointed head 1969    Wont you try
BIGROUP   LP  Big hammer 1972  Heavy lift
YARDBIRDS   Single 1965   Steeled blues
WILD OATS   Single  1964  You cant judge a book by its cover
JOHN BROMLEY  LP Songs 1967  I am gonna love you till I die
SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON  Single  1964  I am trying to make London my home
BO STREET RUNNERS  Single  1964  Shame shame shame
DOCTOR FLEEGOOD   LP Something to take up time 1971    Smoke dream
GASOLIN  LP same 1971  Hey Christopher
LITTER    LP  Emerge  1968  Little red book
LIGHTNIN HOPKINS  Single 1964  Aint it a pity
SUGAR PIE DE SANTO   Single 1964  Slip in mules
BETTERDAYS  Single  1964  Aw shucks hush you mouth
MARVA WRIGHT and BMW  Single  1977   A change is gonna come
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MARK FRY  LP Dreaming with Alice 1972    Lute and flute
GUNS and BUTTER  LP same  1972   Sometimes
FIVE DIAMONDS  Single 1964  Route 66
21.5. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
FENTON ROBINSON  LP Somebody loan me a dime 1974  As the years go pass
SWEET TOOTHE  LP Testing 1975  Live in koncert
LOST NATION  LP Paradise lost  1970 She,,ll také you
MISSING LINK  LP Nevergreen  1972  Filled up
LEROY CART   Single  1962  Night time is the right time
IGUANA  LP same 1974  Price of love
PLEASURE GARDEN  Single 1968  Permissive paradise
ZOO   LP same 1969  Mammouth
PLUS  LP same 1969  Devil,s hymn
FREE EXPRESSIONS  Single  1969   Nightmares
THEM BELFAST GIPSIES   LP same 1966  Midnight train
WHISPERS OF TRUTH  Single  1968  reality
EL CHICANO  LP Revolution  1971  Keep on moving
OWL  LP same 1971  A tale of the Crimson knight
RITCHIE FRANCIS  LP Song bird 1971  Dizzy sycamore
UNICORN  LP Up hill all the way  1971  I have loved her so long
BADGE and COMPANY  LP same 1976  Why
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
BLACKTHORN WINTER  LP Samatha promotions  1970  I will
POETS  Single  1964  Heyla hola
PURGE  Single 1969  Knave
EUPHORIA  LP  same  1970  Hangmans rope
Bluesové okénko
MUDDY WATERS  Single 1967  Dust my broom
7.5. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
WHITE LIGHT   LP same  1970  I am waiting for the man
GLASS HARP  LP same 1970  Changes
ELECTRIC EELS  LP  same 1974  Black leather
DAVE HEENAN SET   Single  1967  Alice in wonderland
VYTAS BRENNER   LP Hermanos  1974  Aqua clara
SHUTTAH   LP Image maker vol 1. - 2.   1971  Wizard
ROBERT JOHNSON  Single  1936  Preachin blues up jumped the devil
ORION EXPRESS   LP same 1975  Hey mama
ROCK GARDEN  Single 1967   Sweet pajamas
JENGHIZ KHAN   LP  Well cut  1971  Moderate
COUNTRY LANE  LP Substrantum  1973  With a sweet whistle to my ears
SHAKEY JAKE HARRIS  Single 1962  Love my baby
WHITE NOISE   LP Electric storm  1969  Love without sound
ROYALS  LP Live 1978  Badge
SEVENTH SEAL  LP Reflections 1967  I have got a mind to give up living
TAYLES   LP Whoaretheseguys  1972  Bizarro men
MARZ  LP Dream is over  1972  Lord have mercy
DIRTY MARTHA  LP same  1969  This is it
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
COMMON PEOPLE  LP  Of the people by the people for the people  1969    Land of a day
FAINE JADE  LP  Introspection  1968  People games play
CAPSICUM RED  LP  Appunti per un,idea fissa  1972  She,s a stranger
30.4. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 PRAVIDELNÁ ZNĚLKA lynyrd skynyrd  Born to run
THUNDERMOTHER  LP same 1970  Someday
MIKE BLOOMFIELD   LP Red  1971  Between the hard place and the ground
CARETAKERS  Single 1968  Epic
ID MUSIC   LP Third rail 1967   Dream street
VIOLA CRAYOLA  LP Breathing of statues  1974  Mr leroy Pepe is lost
RAPIERS  Single  1961  Phantom stage
NICE   LP Swedish Radio Sessions 1967  Rondo
Starý rockový pes doporučuje RED BARON BAND a Monika Infernalis  Like a little child
BROWNIE  MCGHEE   Single 1962  Crying at the station
THIRSTY MOON  LP same 1972  Morning sun
BLIND FAITH   LP  Rated X  Live in Hyde park 1969  Sea of joy
COLOURS  LP Love heals 1968  Bad day at black rock baby
MU   LP Land of Mu II. 1974  Blue Jay blue
BANDOLERO  LP Life is love, love is all 1970   Love me tonight
VANILLA FUDGA   Single 1968  All in your mind
DAVE MILLER SET  Single 1968   Bread and butter day  
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
CARDEILHAC   LP same 1970    Neutral
GERARDO MANUEL and EL HUMO   LP Apocallypsies  1970  Apopcallypsies
ALAMO  LP same 1971   Soft and gentle
23.4. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
WHO  LP Who sell out 1967  Relax
DELTA BLUES BAND  LP same 1969  Clouds covering the sun
SWEET TOOTHE  LP same 1975  Music,s gotta stay
TROYKA  LP same 1970  Go east young man
MAD JOHN FEVER  Single 1969 Breath and thunder
UNDERTAKERS CIRCUS  LP Rgnarock 1973  Na sitter vi og venter
VII th TEMPLE   LP  Under the burning sun 1978  Under the burning sun
GOOD HUMOR BAND  Single 1969 Man
ICECROSS  LP same 1972     1999
BIRMINGHAM   LP same   1971 Help me
HARMONICA FATS   LP Blow 1976  Blues for Mrs B
BLACK NARCOSIS  Single 1968  Land of stone
JESSE,WOLFF and WHIGS  LP same 1972  Another song for you
MOONKYTE  LP same 1971  Lost weekend
FREAK OUT LIFE  LP Life 1971  Jamming brother
PENTAGRAM  LP First daze 1972   Wheel of fortune
MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT  Single 1928  Avalon blues
EPIZOOTIC    LP same 1976  Sunset emotion
LA KABALA  LP same   1971  El cumbamnchero
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
DIRTY MARTHA  LP same 1969  Where are you going
DAEMON  LP Entrance to hell  1970  Provider
MERCHANTS OF A DREAM  LP Strange Light voyage  1969  Lovelifes purple circus
WICHITA FALL  LP Life is but a dream 1969  Going to Ohio
16.4. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
LOVE AFFAIR   LP New day  1970  New day
KAK    LP  Kak – ola  1968  Flight from the east
ROSE GARDEN    LP same  1968    Till today
EVOLUTION  LP same 1970  I am walking high
FENWYCK  Single 1966   I cry
UNISON  LP same  1975So many miles
ROSA HENDERSON  Single 1928  Poplar bluff blues
a jeden současný kousek  MEENA  lp Try me 2010 This song is for you
GAA   LP Auf den bahn zum uranus  1973  Bossa rustica
JULIUS VICTOR   LP From the nest  1969   Stubborn kind of woman
CLINIC  LP Road to Salina 1970  Girl from Salina
BACHDENKEL   LP Lemmings 1970  Come all ye faceless
TIDAL WAVE Single 1968  Searching for love
AUNT MARY   LP Loaded  1972  Fire of my lifetime
STAINED GLASS SUN  LP   Finders keepers  1968  Stained glass sun
MAD DOG  LP Dawn of the sevnth son  1969   Free fall
ARTUR BIG BOY CRUDUP  Single 1941  Standing at my window
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
WILD BUTTER   LP same 1970  Terribly blind
EILIFF   LP  same 1971   Uzzek of Riedl IV
9.4. 2011 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
GARRETT LUND   LP Almost grown  1975  Only turnaround
CHARLIE and ESDOR   LP same 1970 Bridge blues
JONESY   LP Sudden prayers make God jump  1974  The lights have changed
EIRE APPARENT   LP Sunrise 1969  Captive in the sun
TRUTH AND JANEY   LP  Erupts  1976   Aint no tellin
GOLD  LP  Mission rock 1971  Fillet of soul
DONSHIRES  Single 1965  Tripline
STRAY DOG   LP Fasten your seat belts  1973   Dogs blues
LEGENDS   LP  Don Woolridge session  1966  I am gonna make you mine
8 DAYS IN APRIL   LP Hamburg scene 1972   Master of time
BLACKFOOT  LP Flyin high 1976  Flyin high
CONQUEROO   Single 1967   I have got the time
WILDLIFE  LP Smokin 1971  Time will tell
AMBROSE SLADE  LP Beginnings 1969  Everybody,s next one
GRANNY,S INTENTIONS  LP Honest injun  1970   We both need to know
CROW  LP Crow music 1969   White eyes
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
CLINIC   LP  La route de Salina 1970   Sunny road to Salina
TAYLES    LP Whoaretheseguys?  1972  Guitar
VEZDA UFTA   LP Boris 1975  To-ta in the moya

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