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9.10. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
TEAR GAS  LP Piggy go better  1970  Lost awakening
PATTO    LP same 1970  Man
GRYSBY DYKE    Single 1967  Mary Ann she
BLACKFOOT  LP No reservation 1975  Indian Word
SUNDAY    LP same 1971  Love is life
VIRGIL BROTHERS  Single 1968  Look away
JAMES PARKWAY ANDERSON   Single 1972  I was born a free man
BILLY BOY ARNOLD  and GROUNDHOGS   LP Dirty mother  1977  Blue and lonesome
QUICKSAND   LP Home is where I belong   1973  Hideway my song
HOWARD CARPENDALE   Single   1970   Du hast mich
OLIVER  LP Standing stone  1974  Cat and the rat
BUDGIE   LP same 1971  Homicidal suicidal  
WISHBONE ASH  LP same 1970  Lady  whiskey
KOKO TAYLOR   Single 1974   Mean mistreater
BESSIE SMITH  Single 1929   It makes my love come down
CLAUDE NOUGARO    Single  1953  Le jazz La javason
SAVAGE ROSE   LP  In the plain  1968 A trial in your home Down
ZOMBIES   Single  1964  She,s not there
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
BRAIN TRAIN   Single 1967  Black roses
TORMENTORS   LP same 1967   Didnt it rain
JOINT EFFORT  Single 1967    Children
STEEPLECHASE   LP Ladybright 1970  Wrought iron man
2.10. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
TURNSTYLE   Single 1968  Trot
MUDDY WATERS TRIBUTE BAND and GREGG ALLMAN  LP You,re gonna miss me 79-94  Clouds in my heart
JIMI HENDRIX and STEPHEN STILLS  LP At the basement 1968  Mellow
AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALION  LP Remains to be heard 1970  Fortune city
LEO KOTTKE  LP Greenhouse 1971  Tiny island
HOST  LP Pa sterke vinger 1974  Satans skorpe
RAY OWEN MOON   LP  Moon 1971  talk to me
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE   LP Live Volunteers 1968  Good shepherd
GALADRIEL   LP same 1971  Amble on
COLD BLOOD  LP same 1972  You got me hummin
pozvánka na koncert  JOYCE COBB and MICHAEL JEFRY STEPHENS QUARTET  at the Jazz Dock
STUD COLE   LP Burn baby burn 1967   hard luck games
RAINMAN  LP same 1970  Vicious circle
BRAINBOX  LP Same 1969  Summertime
ZEPHYRS  Single 1965  She laughed
FLOOD  LP Rise of flood 1970  MrWickett
WILLIE DIXON  LP I am the blues 1970  Cant quit you baby
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
TUESDAYS CHILDREN  Single 1966  Summer leaves me with a sigh
UGLY CUSTARD  LP same  1970   Never in a blues day
SUN ALSO RISES  LP same 1970  Flowers
SAUTERELLES  LP View to heaven  1968  Hippie soldier
25.9. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
CROSS THE BORDER  Single 1977  Somebody,s jiving in my bed
ANDY ELLISON   Single  1968  Cornflake zoo
STONE THE CROWS  LP  BBC live  1971  Big Jim Salter
FLAMMA SHERMAN Single 1968  Bassa love
LOVE DEPRESSION   LP same 1968  Gonna ride
RORY FELLOWS  Single 1968  Nina
HUBERT THOMAS VALVERDE and THE HT,S   Single 1968  We dont care
FLOW    LP same 1972  It swallowed the sun
JIMI HENDRIX  Single 23.9.1969   Valleys of neptune
CIRCUS  MAXIMUS   LP  same 1967  Wind 
GILBERT BECAUD  Single 1964  Natalie
SHEILA SCOTT WILKINSON   Single 1969  Quiet man
BLACK SWAN  LP same 1971  Echoes and rainbows
KATHE GREEN  LP Run the length of your wildreness  1969  Why
FRANCOISE PASCALE  Single 1968  Got it badly
nepravidelná rubrika Starý rokový pes doporučuje  DUENDE
IRON BUTTERFLY   LP In a gadda da vida 1968   My mirage
WARHORSE   LP Red sea 1972  I who have nothing
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MELLOW CANDLE  LP Swaddling songs  1972  heaven heath
ANDY ROBERTS  LP Home grown 1970  Moths and lizards in Detroit
TIM ROSE  LP same 1970  Boogie boome if i were a carpenter
PICADILLY LINE  LP The huge world of Emily Small 1967  Emilly small
GATEMOUTH MOORE  Single 1947 I am a fool to care
koncertni lahůdky
ROBIN TROWER  LP  Live in Seattle and London  2010 Prisoner of love
18.9. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 TRIRD POWER  LP same 1970 Persecution
THUNDER  and ROSES   LP same 1969 White lace and strange
HOOK    LP 1968 Dimples
POWER OF ZEUS  LP same 1971  It couldn,t be me
BANCHEE    LP same 1971  John Doe
BROTHER FOX and the TAR BABY  LP same 1969 Steel dog man
Stařinka  LEMONADE CHARADE    LP same 1968 Hideaway of your love
GENESIS / USA/   Single  1967  Angeline
BLUE MOUNTAIN EAGLE  LP same 1972 Loveless lives
MOUNT RUSHMORE   LP 69    1969  Someone elses games
ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS    LP same 1970  Get in the wind
FIELDS  LP same 1969  Bide my time
ROAD  LP same 1972 Spaceship earth
EDEN,S CHILDREN  LP same 1968   Knocked out
T.I.M.E.   LP same 1968   I think you,d cry
Stařinka  UNDERBEAT   Single 1969  Darkness
YELLOW PAGES   LP same 1968  I,m a man
LINCOLN STREET EXIT   LP same 1969  Time has come gonna die
Stařinka  UNIQUES  Single 1968  My babe
FORT MUDGE MEMORIAL DUMP  LP same 1971  Seventh is death
Pravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
A zpět do Starého poledne
TRUTH  Single 1966   Hey gyp
ROKES  Single 1967  Lets live for today
LONGBOATMEN  Single 1965   Take her anytime
Pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
EPIZOOTIC   LP same  1976 Pictures of ordinary life
11.9. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
MUDDY WATERS  LP Electric mud 1968    Mannish boy
AMBOY DUKES  LP same 1967  Baby please dont go
Host  LUBOS ANDRST GROUP  LP Moment in time 2008  paprsek ranniho slunce
FREE  Single 1968  Moonshine
JOE BECK  LP Nature boy 1969  Nature boy
Host  LUBOS ANDRST BLUES BAND with REESIE DAVIS LP Everything I have done 2007   Everything I have done
ROBERT JOHNSON  LP King of Delta blues 1961  Preachin blues up jumped the devil
ROY BUCHANAN   LP Live in Japan 1977   Sweet dreams
Host LUBOS ANDRST  LP Blues Grooves 2004  Rumba blues 
WILDLIFE  LP Smokin 1970  stars in the sky
RORY GALLAGHER   LP same 1971  Sinner boy
SCRUFFY DUFFY  LP Just in case you were interested 1972  Judgement day
Host LUBOS ANDRST   LP Blues Groove 2004 Shuffle ones feet
MISSIPPI JOHN HURT  LP Avalon blues 1938  Frankie
PRUDENCE  LP Tomorrow maybe vanished 1972   Mild grey fog
ALL SAVED FREAK BAND  LP My poor generation 1973  Lonely street
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
ELONKORJUU  LP Hravest time 1971  Unfeeling
Host  LUBOS ANDRST  LP Unplugged live 2005  Rain
JIMI HENDRIX  LP BBC Radio one 1967  Burning of a midnight lamp
4.9. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
MYSTIC SIVA  LP same 1969  Keep your head
CRIMSON BRIDGE   LP Fill your head with 1972  Comin
RAGAMUFFINS  Single 1967  Parade of uncertanity
PRODIGAL SONS    LP same 1972 Water song
FIREBIRDS  LP Light my fire 1969  No tomorrow
KALACAKRA  LP Crawling to Lhasa 1971 Deja vu
BOSTON TEA PARTY  LP same 1968  I,m telling you
SOUL STIRRERS   Single 1946  His eye is on the sparrow
BOB and KIT   Single 1965  You gotta stop
IRON BUTTERFLY   Single 1968 Possession
JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL   LP She wolf 1980  Hard times
WOOLIES  Single 1967  Hey girl
DAVID   LP same 1968  Lovely lady
WILLIAM R.STRICKLAND   LP Is only the name 1969  Touch
MC2   Single 1969  Smilling
ALL SAVED FREAK BAND and GLENN SCHWARTZ  LP My poor generation 1973 Elder white
MAN MADE   LP same 1972  Carnival
BIG BILL BROONZY  Single 1941  Key to the highway
ROBIN TROWER  LP live at Saettle 1998  bridge of sighs
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
JIMMY CAMPBELL   LP Half baked  1971  Half baked
KATHE GREEN  LP Run the length of your wildreness 1968  If  I thought ever chase your mind
NICHOLAS GREENWOOD   LP Cold cuts  1972  A sea of holy pleasure
28.8. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pár kousků ještě před znělkou
ELECTRIC FLAG   LP American music band 1964  Killing floor
MIA BORDERS   LP Magnolia blue 2010  These roads
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN and DOUBLE TROUBLE   LP Texas flood 1983  Texas flood
KEB MO   LP Wrong 1994  Maybe I am wrong
WILLIE DIXON  LP Hoochie coochie 1969  I am your hoochie coochie man

pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
WIZARDS FROM KANSAS  LP same 1970  High flying bird
CALLIOPE  LP same 1969   I wanna thank you
AZTECS and BILLY THORPE   LP Live at ROSEBUD 1972 Long live
BILLIE HOLIDAY   Single 1937  Easy livinig
ELF   Live at the Bank 1972   Smile for me lady
MOUSE  LP Lady killer 1973  You dont know
RADIO FOUR and EDNA GALLMON COOKE  Single 1952   Walk through the valley
Q65  Single 1974 Lady of love
END   LP Introspection 1969   Loving sacred loving
TONY JOE WHITE LP Black and white 1969  Wille and Laura Mae Jones
COREY HARRIS    Single 2002  Sista Rose
PLUTO  LP same 1971  I really want it
STRAY DOG  LP Snuffys revenge 1973  Heavy riffage
MADE IN SWEDEN    LP Made in England 1970  Mad river
LATE  LP Songs from the family tree  1967  family tree
SON HOUSE  Single 1965 Preachin blues
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MAN MADE    LP same 1972  Man made
BEAT OF THE EARTH   LP Artistic statement 1967  Artistic statement1

21.8. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
STRING DRIVEN THING   LP Swiss tour 1972  Circus
AINIGMA  LP Diluvium  1973  Prejudice
JESUS FIGUEROA  LP Noc todos 1972    Diablo
TIFFANY SYSTÉM   Single 1967  Wayward one
WOODY KERN  LP Awful disclosures of Maria monk 1969  Blues keep falling
ENERGY PACKAGE  Single 1967  See that I come home
SISTER ROSETTA THARPE   Single 1947 Beams of heaven
ASHES  LP same 1966  Gone to sorrow
SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING  LP same 1969 Long stemmed eyes
CANTENBURY GLASS LP Sacred scenes and characters 1968  Prologue
JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL  LP She wolf 1979  Standing in my doorway crying
CHARLEY MUSSELWHITE BLUES BAND  LP Stone blues 1968  Bag gloom brews
JIM FORD  LP Harlam county 1969  Long road ahead
nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
DUENDE   LP New words in the dictionary 2009  new words in the dictionary
BIG SAMS FUNKY NATION  LP Peace love and understanding 2010  Peace love and understanding
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
BIG STAR  LP NO.1Record 1972  Ballab of Elgoodo
CRIMSON BRIDGE   LP Fill your head 1972  Searching in reality
PRIDE  LP same 1970  truth
14.8. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD Born to run
SHORT CROSS  LP Arising 1970  Nothin but a woman
MISSING LINK   LP Nevergreen 1972  Spoiled love
DAVE ALLEN    Single 1972  Saturday a.m. blues
PEACE and QUIET  LP same 1971   Looney tunes
BLOPS   LP  Locomotora 1973    Locomotora
SPADES   Single 1968  We sell soul
MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET LP  same  1956  Softly and tenderly
LIGHTNIN HOPKINS   Single 1966  Black ghost blues
MEMPHIS MINNIE   LP Hoodoo lady  1965  Hoodoo lady
doporučujeme MIA BORDERS  LP Magnolia blue 2010  I can
ALBERTA HUNTER   LP Amtrack blues 1979   I,m having a good time
TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO  LP Thunder on a clean day 1968  Blues with a feeling
BOBBY HEBB  Single 1966 Sunny
IDLE RACE   LP Birthday party 1968  Morning sunshine
KOKO TAYLOR   LP  Basic soul 1972  Piece of man
CAB CALLOWAY  LP same 1968  Minnie the moocher
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
BALTIK  LP same 1973  City girl
FULL MOON  LP same 1980   Night calls
SUSAN PILLSBURY  LP same 1973   You found me
DAVE and TONI ARTHUR  LP same 1967  Cuckoo
doporučujeme   ANDERS OSBOURNE  Single 2009  Acapulco
7.8. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
CHAPPARRALS   Single 1967  I tried so hard
EPSILON  LP same 1971  Two-2-II
PACIFIC,GAS and ELECTRIC   LP Live at Lexington 1970  Old slop in A
RED CRAYOLA  LP  Parable of arable land 1967  Hurricane fighter plane
MUDDY WATERS  LP Live at Super cosmic joy 1969  Long distance call
KEITH TIPPET GROUP  LP You are here I am there 1969    Violence
IRON BUTTERFLY and YES    LP Live in Copenhagen 1971  Goodbye jam
OMEGA PLUS  LP How to kiss the sky  1969  Unfaithfull woman
EMPERORS   Single  1966  I want my woman
SHMEKIA COPELAND  LP NO jazz fest  Other woman
ARC  LP At this 1971  Perfectly happy man
CACTUS   LP Live one way 1973  Hound dog sniffin
MADURA  LP same 1971  Plain as day
THURSDAYS CHILDREN   Single 1966 A part of you
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
ESTUS  LP same 1973  On the wings
BOSTON TEA PARTY  LP same 1968  Time being
DAVID  LP  Another day another lifetime 1968   Another day another lifetime I would like to know
FLUDD  LP same 1971  Egg
LITTLE MILTON   Single 1957  Nelson street blues
31.7. 2010 11:10 - 13:00
24.7. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 JOZI FARAGO Speciall
Pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run

BLODWYN PIG  Single 1969   Walk on water
CLIMAX BLUES BAND  LP Tightly knit 1971   St.Michael,s blues
OUTLAWS  LP Lady in waiting 1970  Freeborn man
ELECTRIC FLAG  LP Long time coming 1968  Another country
EPITAPH  LP same 1972  Hopelessly
SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN   LP  same 1968  Sandy mouth bay
CHICKEN SHACK  LP same 1972 Tears in the wind
FAT MATTRESS  LP One 1969   Magic forest
BIRTH CONTROL  LP Operation 1970  Stop little lady
CURLY CURVE  LP Hell and booze 1971  Hell and booze
NITZINGER   LP same 1971  Boogie queen
ANDWELLAS DREAM   LP Love and poetry  1969  Cocaine
VIRUS  LP Remember 1973  King heroine
TRAFFIC  LP Low spark of the high heel boys 1972   Rainmaker
BLACKFOOT   LP Marauder 1979  Diary of a working man
JODY GRIND   LP Far canal 1970  Bath sister
SAVOY BROWN LP Hellbound train  1972  hellbound train
MESSAGE  LP From books and dreams 1973  Sigh
TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTI  LP same 1969  Drivin through
Nepravidelná rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
ERIC SARDINAS  Devils train
PAUL GILBERT and JIMI KIDD  Pacific coast highway

17.7. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelna znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
WILD TURKEY  -Australia- LP Noon and Light 1976  Noon and Light
BEEFEATERS  LP same 1967  it aint necessarilly so
MANAR   LP same 1971  Lif pitt
COMPLEX  LP same 1970  live for the minute
BERNICE EDWARDS  Single 20 april 1935 – 20.4.1935  Ninth street stomp
NONSTOP  Single 1970  Het bolond
LEFT END   LP Spoiled rotten  1974  Loser
KEBNEKAJSE   LP 3   1974  Leksands brudmarsch
ELLEN SMITH   LP French quater   02    Fever
DOORS   LP Live in Stokholm 1968  Light my fire
TOMMY JAY  Single 1965  Springtimes here
BERGENDY   LP B.Jazz  1970  natural thing to do
TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTI  LP same 1969  Wutu banale
GOLDEN CUPS   LP Live 1969    Got my mojo working
BLUES BAND   LP BBC Live 1979  Maggie,s farm
EXMAGMA    LP 2.  1970  It is so nice
MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT   LP Live in Newport  1959  Here I am Lord sent me
31.ST OF FEBRUARY  Single 1965  Pedestals
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
AGAMENON  LP  Todos rien de mi 1975    Todos rien de mi
BIG JIM SULLIVAN    LP Sitar beat  1968    Koan
MADURA   LP same 1971  Drinking no wine
OOZIN BLUES   LP Alligator river 1978   Alligator river


10.7. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 special Staré ráno  10.702010   06.00  - 09.00
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND   LP Live at Ludlow garage  1970  Mountain Jam
SMELL OF INCISE   LP All mimsy were the borogoves  2009  Alice
GRATEFULLDEAD     LP  Live at Fillmore 1972  Casey Jones
DAVE HOLE    LP Birds eye blues  2007  Blues is the truth
TAJ MAHAL ELVIN BISHOP BOZ SCAGGS    LP Fillmore last days  1972   Long and tall
KENNY WAYNE SHEPARD    LP 10Days out   The thrill is gone
GONG and DAEVID ALLEN    LP Glastonbury fayre festival 1972  Glad stoned buried fielding flash
JEFF HEALEY   LP Songs from the road  2007  Hoochie Coochie man
ERIC SARDINAS and BIG MOTOR   LP same 2007  As the crow flies
JIMMY D. LANE   LPLong gone 1997  California
ALBERT-ANKRUM PROJECT   LP Festival FQ  2002  Toons tune
MUDDY WATERS  LP Fathers and sons  1981  Ballad
MICK CLARKE  LP West coasl connection 1987  Aint that the truth
LANCE LOPEZ  LP Wall of soul 2004  Alone in love
BUGS HENDERSON LP Call of the wild 2000      Blues in reverse
MAMS PIT   LP Rush hour 2002  Living in the ghetto
RED DEIVILS  LP Live at the Borderline 1993  Scuttle buttin

interpreté na které jste dávno zapomeli anebo které jste ani neznali
pravidelná znělka LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
OMNIBUS  LP same 1970   It is all in your heart
AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALION    LP DrDunbar,s prescription 1970    Fugitive
JOHN LITTLE JOHN  LP Sliddin home 1696  Catfish blues
EXPERIENCE    LP same 1970  Theme for an unknown island
JAMES BOOKER   LP Junco partner 1976  Pop,s dilema
CHARLIE BURSE and MEMPHIS MUDCATS    Single 1639  Baby you win
BERGENDY   LP same 1971  Bucsuzom toletek cimborak
CHASE   LP same 1971  Invitation to a river
XHOL CARAVAN     LP Electrip 1969  All green
FENTON ROBINSON  LP Somebody loan me a dime 1974   Gateway
DEZO URSINY   LP Provisorium  1973   Apple tree in winter
WEB  LP Fully interlocking  1968   City of darkness
DOORS and ALBERT KING   LP Live 1968   Little red rooster
BOB SMITH  LP Visit  1971  Ocean song
BROWNIE and SONNIE  LP Live 1966  I,m a stranger here
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MRBIG  LP Sweet silence 1974  Throne sekond amendment
MOON  LP Without earth  1967  Brother Lou,s love colony
TUNEFULL TROLLEY  LP Island in the sky 1967   Lady
MIKE HART  LP  Bleeds  1969    Shelter song

3.7. 2010 11:10 - 13:00 pravidelná znělka  LYNYRD SKYNYRD  Born to run
WALRUS    LP same 1970  rags and old iron blind man
CATFISH    LP Get down  1970  Hawk
GRAPHITE   LP Live in Cornwall 1971  Freedom
HIM and THE OTHERS   Single 1966  She,s got eyes that tell lies
LITTLE FREE ROCK     LP Time is of no consequence 1969   Tiego
PALADIN   LP Jazzattack  1970  Carry me home
SAHARA   LP Sunrise  1970  Cases
QUATRAIN   LP same 1969  Fragments
BUDDY GUY and JUNIOR WELLS and ERIC CLAPTON and DrJOHN    LP Play the blues  1972  T=bone shuffle
HABOOB  LP Wusterwind  1971   Blues for Willy Pea
IN CROWD    Single 1965  Things she says
KEEF HARTLEY BAND    LP Halfbreed   1968   Born to die
ROY BUCHANAN   LP Live  1976  Strange kind of a feeling
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND   LP Win loose or draw  1975  Win loose or draw
nepravidelna rubrika Starý rockový pes doporučuje
CAREY HARRIS     LP Live at the new Orleans Jazz and heritage festival  2002  Sista Rose
pravidelná rubrika Stařinky
MOONRIDER   LP same 1975   Angel of mercy
MCKENDREE SPRING   LP same 1970  I should have known
SUBJECT ESQ.     LP same 1971  Untitled

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